Want to submit or modify a grabber?

First of all, thank you for contributing to the QRSS community! Each grabber has a line in the grabbers.txt file, and each grabber (each line) has 7 fields. I'll be manually editing that file, so if you email me with information about all 7 fields, it will really help me make the change easily.

Here's an example line:
"SA6BSS2", "SA6BSS", "7 MHz", "Mikael", "Sweden", "http://www.qsl.net/sa6bss", "https://dl.dropbox.com/u/26543754/bild2.jpg"
you can see more at the very bottom of the main QRSS plus page

Item definitions:
  1. ID - a unique identifier. If you just have 1 grabber, it's your callsign ("AJ4VD"). If you have many grabbers, it's your callsign and a number ("AJ4VD2"). No one will ever see your ID, so it doesn't really matter what it is. It just has to be unique.
  2. callsign - your callsign
  3. title - title of this grabber. It's useful if you have multiple grabbers, otherwise leave it blank.
  4. name - your first name
  5. location - location of the grabber
  6. grabber website - could be anything you want. I recommend making this a link to the owner's grabber page.
  7. grabber file - this is extremely important to get accurate. Please send me this file name. This must end in .jpg, .gif, .png, etc. This will NEVER be the same as the grabber website.
    Lots of people who use Dropbox get confused about this. Any grabber file starting with "www.dropbox.com" will be immediately returned! Example of a bad dropbox file is https://www.dropbox.com/s/35m4m8wn4w5hi7r/HF.jpg. When you go there, it takes you to a WEB PAGE. The item that is downloaded is not an image file. To access that file directly, the URL will be http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/35m4m8wn4w5hi7r/HF.jpg. Please ensure that ALL dropbox links provided start with "dl.dropboxusercontent.com". Thanks!!
Activating and deactivating grabbers
If a grabber is down for a very long time (weeks), I usually conserve my own resources (and don't waste other peoples' bandwidth) by disabling it. I don't delete it (all the information is still in the grabbers file, but I disable it by adding a "#" to the beginning of the line, disabling it. If I've disabled a grabber you think is active, let me know! It's a quick fix to re-enable it by removing the "#".

Send me your grabber!
To streamline the proces, copy/paste the following into an email and shoot it my way. I'm looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks again for supporting the QRSS community :)

TO: swharden@gmail.com

Hi Scott, please add or update this grabber in the QRSS Plus database:
"ID", "callsign", "title", "name", "location", "website", "file"