The personal website of Scott W Harden

Scott W Harden

I'm a biological research scientist passionate about public collaborative hardware and software development. This website highlights of some of the projects I work on and serves as a useful place for me to aggregate notes and documentation I collect along the way. Although most projects here are motivated purely by personal interest, I occasionally accept commission to develop custom software and/or hardware solutions to meet specific needs.


  • ScottPlot - a .NET library for creating interactive plots of large datasets

  • pyABF - a Python interface for Axon Binary Format (ABF) electrophysiology files

  • FftSharp - a collection of fast Fourier transform (FFT) tools for .NET

  • Spectrogram - a .NET library for creating spectrograms

  • LJPcalc - liquid junction potential (LJP) calculator

  • NernstCalc - Nernst Potential calculator for electrophysiology

  • USB Frequency Counter - a VHF frequency counter with USB interface

  • QRSS Hardware - designs and experiments involving ultra narrowband, low-power, long-distance, slow-speed radio.

  • Sound Card ECG - a surprisingly good ECG using the sound card

  • md2html-php - dynamic generation of websites from folders of markdown files

  • FSKview - high-resolution spectrogram for viewing narrowband frequency-shift keyed (FSK) signals in real time

  • QRSS Plus - automatically-updating QRSS grabber list

  • pyHH - a Hodgkin-Huxley simulator for Python

  • HHSharp - a Hodgkin-Huxley simulator written in C#/.NET