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Resources for visualizing data using C# and the .NET platform

Plot Data with Telerik UI Chart

Telerik has UI controls for WPF and WinForms, one of which is a chart module. Although it looks like this control was built for easy theming and supports little animations for simple data, it doesn't seem to have been built with performance as a primary design goal. I did find it interesting they support multiple rendering systems including Bitmap and Direct2D which.



The Telerik UI for WPF has a demo you have to download and install. I chose to take a look at the WPF control because the screenshots of the Windows Forms control didn't look very chart-rich.

The ChartView control has several example uses. In all cases the plots are "pretty", but look like they're designed more for simple appearance and theming support rather than performance. I don't think this charting library is suitable for high-performance scientific charting, though I did find the demo to be very insightful and a good way to inspect all the controls provided with this package.


  • left-click-drag: zoom region (or pan)
  • scroll-wheel: zoom