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title: New Layout
date: 2001-06-16 02:37:11

# New Layout

Well I've been playing for a few days on the format of this website. I want it to be really "fresh" and "new"... I want it to be really easy to the eye and simple to navigate, yet really complex coding. I want the new internet user to say "this is nice" because it's so simple and the web designer to say "this is nice" because it's so complex. It's a challenge for myself I guess... Through a frustrating series of events I lost the news I was keeping :o( so I just have to start with this one I guess... so far I only have this page done. I added a poll today though :o) That's cool I guess, don't know how long I'll keep it though. Oh well, got some work to do, the night is young.
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