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Old Weblog

Hi 👋 2003 Scott here! I stumbled upon a forgotten URL on the Wayback Machine that shows some of my earliest surviving marks on the internet. It was scraped on in Aug, 2002 when I was 17.

This website made use of “cutting edge technology” of the day (like transparent iframes) which only worked on Internet Explorer (not Netscape or America Online’s built-in browser). I remember making a big point about this because I wanted to brag to my friends about my “mad website skillz” but some of them thought my site was really bad and I later learned it was because it only worked in Internet Explorer.

I went so far as to include a screenshot of how the webpage should look for users who had a compatible browser. In hindsight I doubt this was aimed at actually helping anyone load the website, but instead it was a subtle way to show off the layout for people who didn’t have (or didn’t know how to launch) Internet Explorer. CSS must have been pretty edgy back then too. DHTML? I hadn’t heard that term in a while!

Squinting at the text in the screenshot reveals a healthy dose of cringe. “…if they can’t run IE 5.5 then they shouldn’t be my friends”, oof. Multiple references to fight club too. Apparently I self-hosted this page, probably using classic ASP and IIS on a Windows 2000 server computer over a home DSL connection. I do remember that day shorting my PC’s power supply rail to the case and the computer not turning on for a while, but eventually it came back on.

The Wayback Machine also caught this “access denied” page with a Holy Grail reference.

What a trip! It’s interesting to think that young peoples’ internet activities are better archived these days, for better or for worse.