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video capture works

Woohoo! I’ve acquired a multmedia card from an old junky pc and it has rf, rca, and svideo capture capabilities! I’ll be writing my ’nix tutorials in a whole new way! Now, I can take crisp clean screenshots of a linux CONSOLE to show things step by step =o) Ahh, the possibilities. This also makes it a ton easier than writing everything. See the image on the left? It’s me playing Perfect Dark (yeah, for the N64). So what if I’m behind the times in games, its what I happened to have around my room to take a capture of. The cable lines to my room are horrible quality. This isn’t that great quality, its bad interlacing, bad jpeg compression, and rca is bad to begin with. an S-video console should be really nice to work with!

note: my video capture card is running on my main linux workstation ^_^