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Failing Oscilloscope

My oscilloscope decided to die on my right as I finally was able to view my 10 MHz waveform. I used a piece of coax with a load at the connector to the o-scope, and ran the coax to my test points. It was beautiful! … and lasted about 30 seconds. The culprit seems to be a failing “focus” knob. My images had been getting blurrier by the day, and now it’s completely black unless I twist pretty hard on the focus knob. I’d stick a small pot in there, but I have no idea how much voltage/current is being regulated. I’m sure the schematics are posted somewhere, but for now I’m going to try to clean out the potentiometer manually and see if the situation improves. Here are some photos of the circuitry inside this old scope. They don’t make stuff like this anymore!

Update: I never got this scope to work again!