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Coder's Block

I like the idea of writing a set of tools for scientific frequency analysis (more than just turning audio into images), and I keep starting over re-coding things from scratch. I develop too much, too quickly, and half way in I get overwhelmed and mentally blocked. I do it to myself. I’ve taken about a week off and will continue to take a few more days off to reset my mind. I’m trying to improve my coding by reading books (e-books) about advanced Python programming. Perhaps when it’s time to return, I’ll write gorgeous and functional code. I always seem to have one or the other, but never both [sigh]

The photo above is the signal of my (AJ4VD) little homemade transmitter in Gainesville, Florida, USA (using a 20-ft piece of wire inside my apartment as an antenna) detected by ON5EX in Belgium. It makes me happy. It reminds me that some of the projects I work on succeed, which gives me motivation to continue pursuing the ones which currently challenge me.