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A Taste of Culture

This blog has become too much about electronics. Yeah, electronics projects are good but there’s more to life than electronics! Right now I’m in dental school and… [pause] oh, yeah I don’t want to reflect on that. Let’s talk electronics! I keep planning to eventually write what dental school is like from an honest perspective for its archival significance, but the thought of spending time writing about dental school makes my gut churn. There are so many other things to do than to reflect on “that place”. My home is my escape, this website is my escape, and when I’m ready to talk, I’ll talk. This is a note to myself to, at least once before I graduate, write what it’s like to be in dental school. Back to tinkering. I leave you with a selection from Dvorak’s Piano Quintet Number 2 (opus 81). It’s not a wonderful recording, but I appreciate the performance.

EDIT: link updated in 2020 because original video is down. The referenced portion of the song is this video starting at 27:30.