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title: QRSS and WSPR Presentation for GARS
date: 2011-03-17 10:15:15
  - amateur radio
  - qrss

# QRSS and WSPR Presentation for GARS

__Last night I had the honor of speaking for GARS,__ the Gainesville Amateur Radio Society. Their club call (K4GNV) is used by the 146.820 MHz FM repeater (the most active in Gainesville).  There were a few dozen attendees, and it was interesting to give a lecture on advanced radio topics to a body that had a lot of experience with RF. This group was a couple generations older and a lot more experienced and than the groups of students I'm used to speaking for! Overall it went well and I'm glad I had the opportunity to present. It's probably one of those things I'll remember for quite some time.

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__The talk was an overview of QRSS, WSPR, and ultra-narrowband data transmission__, with a focus on home made transmitters and simple radio/PC/software receiving stations. I did a little more research into WSPR in the process of preparing for it (including familiarizing myself with the details of how the data is encoded into 4 tones) and I am glad I understand more about the mode than I did before I started. I grinned as I showed a few slides of [Hans Summers' kit pictures]( I wonder if anyone in the group will buy one? I hope so! Below are a few links I put together where people can go for more information about QRSS and WSPR:

* [Knights QRSS mailing list](
* [Knights QRSS Compendium](
* [WSPR home page](
* [Introduction to QRSS](
* [Hans Summers' QRSS kit](
* [Schematic for that kit](
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