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We Love and Will Miss You, Angelina

As many of you know, my wife Angelina Harden unexpectedly passed away a couple days ago (Saturday, Aug 20, 2011). I’d like to thank all of our friends for their encouraging words. This is an extremely hard time for her family, my family, and me, and I appreciate the outpouring of support and encouragement.

Angelina’s funeral was held in Jackson, Tennessee (the home town of much of Angelina’s family and friends from her past) on September 10th, 2011. A memorial service was held in Gainesville, Florida (mostly attended by my family and college students from my dental school and Angelina’s nursing school) on September 25, 2011. Both services were amazing, and I thank everybody who worked to make them so wonderful - it was a truly beautiful way to remember Angelina. Anelisse Martinez (a dental school classmate, and friend of Angelina and me) sang to an instrumental version of all 3 songs. For the last song, she was accompanied by Dennis Beliveau (another dental school classmate, and friend of Angelina and me). Dennis also sang Tears in Heaven, by Eric Clapton. These songs, in combination with the wonderful messages shared by Angelina’s friends, made the service a joyful and moving experience. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by so many wonderful people. I ask for your continued thoughts for Angelina’s family, her friends, and me - Angelina was loved so much, and her passing is hard for everyone who knew her. Thank you for your kindness.