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title: PET CT Reveals Progression
date: 2018-08-16 11:45:00
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# PET CT Reveals Progression

**In July 2018, after 6 years of careful observation while my disease rested in an indolent state, the lymphoma kicked into gear and started growing rapidly.** I experienced an abnormal increase in generalized lymphadenopathy (beyond the level I had come to get used to as normal), and a CT revealed thoracic and axial lymph nodes which were significantly larger than typical. A PET CT revealed high metabolic activity in many chains of lymph nodes, indicating the disease had shifted in its behavior from indolent to aggressive.

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**On one hand it’s disappointing that the disease began progressing. On the other, it’s now in a state where it is more likely to respond to treatment.** In August 2018 the decision was made to begin interventional treatment: chemotherapy to attack the actively-growing lymphoma, followed by an autologous stem cell transplant (treatment which includes very high doses of chemotherapy, total-body radiation, and a type of bone marrow transplant where I am both the donor and recipient) which may help prevent its recurrence in the future.
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