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Amplifier Improvements

I improved my amplifier (now output 500mW) and am impressed how well my attic dipole is doing! It runs east/west so it radiates north/south. I saw my signal on a few more grabbers.

AJ4VD spotted in Northwood, OH (N8NJ)

AJ4VD spotted in Las Cruces, NM (WA5DJJ)

AJ4VD spotted in Florida (WD4AH)

This grab shows a nice airplane reflection in the middle

AJ4VD spotted in Ontario, Canada (VA3ROM)

AJ4VD spotted in Pensacola, FL (W4HBK)

This 8-hour grab reveals when my AC kicks on and off and demonstrates the necessity of ovenizing my setup. It’s the signal around 10,139,980 Hz.