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Test React Apps in Azure Pipelines

Azure Pipelines makes it easy to run tests in the cloud, but I found that a new React projects made with create-react-app fail to properly test in the cloud using the simple npm test command. Attempting this would display No tests found related to files changed since last commit but hang forever.

I solved this problem and got my React app to test properly in the cloud by adding -- --watchAll=false after npm test. This is my final azure-pipelines.yml file:

  - master

  vmImage: "ubuntu-latest"

  - task: NodeTool@0
      versionSpec: "10.x"
    displayName: "Install Node.js"

  - script: npm install
    displayName: "Install NPM"

  - script: npm run build
    displayName: "Build"

  - script: npm test -- --watchAll=false
    displayName: "Test"

A working React app that tests properly with Azure Pipelines is GitHub.com/swharden/AliCalc