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Create a new .NET 5 Blazor Project

When Visual Studio 2019 creates a new Blazor app it defaults to .NET Standard 2.1. A few months ago .NET 5 was released, and upgrading Blazor apps to use .NET 5 has many strong performance improvements. I’m sure a Visual Studio update will soon make this easier, but for now to create a new .NET Blazor app running .NET 5 I use these steps:

Extensive details can be found on Microsoft’s official Migrate from ASP.NET Core 3.1 to 5.0 documentation page, but I find this short list of steps easier to refer to.

Download a New .NET 5.0.1 Blazor App

Here is a new project running .NET 5.0.1 with Bootstrap 5.0 alpha:

To change the project name/namespace: