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WSPR Code Generator

An online resource for generating encoded WSPR messages

WSPR (Weak Signal Propagation Reporter) is a protocol for weak-signal radio communication. Transmissions encode a station’s callsign, location (grid square), and transmitter power into a frequency-shift-keyed (FSK) signal that hops between 4 frequencies to send 162 tones in just under two minutes. Signals can be decoded with S/N as low as −34 dB! WSJT-X, the most commonly-used decoding software, reports decoded signals to wsprnet.org so propagation can be assessed all over the world.

WsprSharp is a WSPR encoding library implemented in C#. I created this library learn more about the WSPR protocol. I also made a web application (using Blazor WebAssembly) to make it easy to generate WSPR transmissions online: WSPR Code Generator

Try it online! https://swharden.com/software/wspr-code-generator/

WSPR Transmission Information