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MeasureString() with Maui.Graphics

How to measure the pixel dimensions of a string using Microsoft.Maui.Graphics

Starting with .NET 6 Microsoft is sunsetting cross-platform support for System.Drawing.Common. Microsoft.Maui.Graphics is emerging as an excellent replacement and it can be used in any app (not just MAUI apps).

Code here demonstrates how I measure the pixel size of a string using Maui.Graphics in a console application.

/* Updated on 2022-02-19 */
using Microsoft.Maui.Graphics; // 6.0.200-preview.13.935
using Microsoft.Maui.Graphics.Skia; // 6.0.200-preview.13.935

// setup a canvas with a blue background
using BitmapExportContext bmp = new SkiaBitmapExportContext(450, 150, 1.0f);
ICanvas canvas = bmp.Canvas;
canvas.FillColor = Colors.Navy;
canvas.FillRectangle(0, 0, bmp.Width, bmp.Height);

// define and measure a string
PointF stringLocation = new(50, 50);
string stringText = "Hello, Maui.Graphics!";
Font font = new();
float fontSize = 32;
SizeF stringSize = canvas.GetStringSize(stringText, font, fontSize);
Rectangle stringRect = new(stringLocation, stringSize);

// draw the string and its outline
canvas.StrokeColor = Colors.White;
canvas.FontColor = Colors.Yellow;
canvas.Font = font;
canvas.FontSize = fontSize - 1; // NOTE: reduce to prevent clipping
    value: stringText,
    x: stringLocation.X,
    y: stringLocation.Y,
    width: stringSize.Width,
    height: stringSize.Height,
    horizontalAlignment: HorizontalAlignment.Left,
    verticalAlignment: VerticalAlignment.Top,
    textFlow: TextFlow.OverflowBounds,
    lineSpacingAdjustment: 0);

// save the result
string filePath = Path.GetFullPath("Issue279.png");
using FileStream fs = new(filePath, FileMode.Create);

Note that in this example GetStringSize() respects font but DrawString() does not.