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Quiet in the wired

Summary: Scott is trying to remember something funny that happened today, but he can't recall it and is going to bed early to try to get enough sleep for work the next day.
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another layout

Summary: The writer is unable to blog tonight due to lack of time, but they found 10,000 new blogs to read and commented on at least 100 of them.
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It's alive!

Summary: Scott is working on fixing his website after it was hacked, and he's making slow progress but is grateful for people's understanding.
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new website is up

woohoo! and… /yawn/ It’s 1:57am in the morning and I have work tomorrow.

I just got done writing a paper. 8 pages + research in 2 hours this late at night is good time for me because I’m slow at night ^_^;

I can’t write tonight, I will tomorrow… so… I’ll give you some pics to look at ^_-

72 hour dns propagation my butt! (pictured)

new hosting?

yeah, that’s right. Finally! Off my crappy internet connection! Woohoo!

I’m not 100% sure I’m going to be using this company… but things are really slick so far. I feel pretty good about these guys =o) So far, they’ve been treating me really well and been great people to work with…. more info later.

It’ll be at least a day or two before I can move my whole website over to this new host… I have a TON of server-specific code I wrote since I never dreamed I’d move to a real host… (never would have imagined my site would get so big). So, gimme a few days, see what happens…