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Scott, you're weird.

Summary: Scott is taking a break from work involving computers and has spent 5 hours creating a 1/37 scale model of the Cassini spacecraft using only paper, razor blades, glue, and a CD player.
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another post?

Summary: The author is frustrated with people making assumptions about their interests based on stereotypes from anime and manga, and they are tired of explaining themselves to others who do not understand or respect their preferences.
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Summary: The writer of the blog post is happy to have found $65.90 in their inbox and is considering writing more, but asks readers not to nag them about technical writing errors on their website.
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penguin power

Woohoo! My system’s back up. I reformatted my main workstation (the one with five monitors) and started loading gentoo on it a few days ago. I say I started it a few days ago, because it took three days at a command line before the system, kernel, and window manager compile from thier sources. After that I loaded up a ’nix version of the direct connect client (for file downloading etc) and found there’s a really nice one that’s even a gentoo port (qt-dcgui, NOT dc-gui). It uses kde libs (stable on my system, gnome is iffy) and is pretty powerful. I got sound working with alsa (crystal clear with alsa, btw), video playback is beautiful, and I’m compiling arson (cd burner) now that my scsi emulation works as of 20 minutes ago. I’m posting this while it’s compiling =o) Ok well arson just installed, I can’t wait to burn this cd that I… err… akk I g2g to track. I’ll post again soon =o, later!

flowing time

Summary: The author is preparing to submit a tutorial on Red Hat Linux to a website and hopes to get comments on it before doing so.
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