The personal website of Scott W Harden

The Edge

Hi 👋 2003 Scott here! I stumbled upon a forgotten URL on the Wayback Machine that shows some of my earliest surviving marks on the internet. It was scraped on in Oct, 2001 when I just turned 16. The page has a JavaScript fly-out menu but none of the links point to pages that were archived. I don’t recall if “the edge” meant anything, other than a “branding” phase I went through briefly as an internet-surfing kid. The background of this site is #003366 which is one of my favorite colors, even today!

Blocking Geocities Ads

Hey looks like I wrote the previous section today… weird… oh well. here I go! Today I started researching and I was all bumbed out because Yahoo! changed their ad policies for the personal home pages. It used to me that they could put a geocities ad at the bottom of the page (like a full size banner) and it would stay there. Your only other option was to accept the annoying “ad square” at the top right of the screen. Well I’ve always liked the “geo bar” (they called it) because it doesn’t pop-up at you and it looks nicer on a webpage… well Geocities didn’t like it. They said that someone can add the ad at the bottom of the page if they want to, but there’s now going to be a pop-up “ad square” no matter what. Great! How annoying! For the longest time I played with the HTML code - back and forth - uploading and downloading. Finally I figured it stood up to the name “unhackable” because I realized they add a chunk of HTML in the code to make it happen… so I had to think of a different way to hide this. Well, I figured it out - a fool proof everlasting good-for-all script that I can add to make the ad go away (mostly) see the little 3 pixel wide bar on the right side? I’m workin’ on it… ok I’m adding this 20 mins later. I fixed it! Now there is no banner snowing at all…. isn’t life great? :o)

New Layout

Well I’ve been playing for a few days on the format of this website. I want it to be really “fresh” and “new”… I want it to be really easy to the eye and simple to navigate, yet really complex coding. I want the new internet user to say “this is nice” because it’s so simple and the web designer to say “this is nice” because it’s so complex. It’s a challenge for myself I guess… Through a frustrating series of events I lost the news I was keeping :o( so I just have to start with this one I guess… so far I only have this page done. I added a poll today though :o) That’s cool I guess, don’t know how long I’ll keep it though. Oh well, got some work to do, the night is young.

Goldeneye 007 N64 GameShark Codes

Hi 👋 2023 Scott here! I stumbled upon a forgotten URL on the Wayback Machine that may be the oldest preserved trace of my life on the early internet. The page seen here was archived on Feb, 2000 when I was 14 years old. I probably created this website using Microsoft FrontPage (the 1996 version). Earlier versions of this website had a blue water tiling background, but after watching The Matrix (on VHS, lol) I was inspired to redesign it with green text on a black background. Unfortunately none of the links or images were saved, but I am pleased to see that the Internet Archive was able to preserve the home page.