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Custom HDD LEDs

I was poking around the internet looking at various ways people made smooth-fading LED circuits and I came across the site of a guy who did something pretty creative that made me smile. Before I got too far, I wanted to mention that I saw a ton of plans involving fading LED intensity utilizing 555 timer ICs, but for my purposes a series capacitor before the LED should do fine. Here’s the site which documents the project. Basically it’s a skull with red LED eyes which glow in response to hard drive activity. The capacitor makes the eyes fade in and out smoothly, as opposed to the jerky on/off flashing of standard hard drive activity LEDs. Very clever!

I Spotted an Airplane!

Summary: The blog post describes a sighting of an airplane that can be seen from Google Maps, with the pilot almost visible, and provides coordinates for others to try to spot it as well.
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DIY 2meter Radio Antenna

Summary: The author of the blog post built a homemade 2m jpole antenna with no prior knowledge or expertise, but it still works surprisingly well despite not being properly tuned.
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License Questions

Summary: The ARRL website provides free online study questions for the amateur radio technician license, which can be downloaded as a text file or printed on 11 pages (double-sided) using a python script.
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Is Google Re-Indexing My Life?

After several years of persistent writing on this website I was forced (by my undergraduate university’s difficult course loads) to stop adding to this blog - something I consider to be one of the most significant projects I’ve ever worked on, with brain-to-text recordings of my thoughts spanning almost a decade of time. After a few years of suspended writing, Google went from loving me (sending me thousands of page views daily) to forgetting about me (nothing. silence. nada.). Now that my thesis requirements have been completed, I’m trying to re-energize my writing in an attempt to document the projects I work on which, without this website, would likely be forever forgotten even by me. It appears that the burst of new writing has regained Google’s attention. Google for terms such as “data smoothing in python” and it favors my site. Google is slowly, but surely, re-indexing my pages and assigning them values of relevance which are approaching (but still a tiny fraction of) what they were before my hiatus. Here’s a chart from google’s analytics demonstrating an estimation of IP visits per day (visitors) and their locations.