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Mystic Mechanism

Summary: The author is hesitant to share their experimental data on the internet before it has been formally published due to concerns that it could be flawed logic and they don't want to feel like an idiot later on.
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Integrated Writing

Summary: The author of the blog is trying to determine the height of their geekdom by analyzing the size of their blog over time, with a particular spike in 2003 that they speculate may be due to their increased geekiness at that time.
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Averatec's Last Breath

Summary: The user purchased a laptop from Circuit City's going out of business sale, which has a 10.2'' LCD, 1.6ghz processor, 1gb ram, 180 gb hard drive, webcam, wifi, and 3 USB ports, but lacks a CD-ROM drive.
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My Mental Dustpan

Summary: The writer has been saving words for several days and is excited to finally share them on their blog after preparing a piece of heart tissue that they will view with a confocal microscope.
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InkScape to the Rescue!

After a few weeks of using InkScape, slowly working through documentation, tutorials, and practicing drawing random objects, I think I’m finally getting the feel of designing images in InkScape, and am growing to appreciate the depth of its usefulness. I’d love to have some great diagrams to include in potential publications. For example, I want a diagram to show how the autonomic nervous system innervates the mouse heart, but no such diagram exists! Here’s one for humans but it’s major overkill, shows every organ (I only want the heart), and doesn’t go into detail as to what the nerves do when they reach the heart (something I’m researching). Also, mouse brains are very different in shape from human brains, and there aren’t any good pictures of the ventral side of a mouse brain. So, I found the best one I could and re-created it with InkScape.

I used an existing image as a reference, made half a brain, and can mirror it when I’m done. It looks pretty good, right?