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website archaeology

Today I found a small corner of an old hard drive that has lots of backed up information from lots of my old websties. Today and tomorrow I plan to spend some time going through it trying to recover what I can. I’d like to add a section to my site just about my old websites, and another just about old content, and one more to be a timeline of my life.

The old websites page will have screenshots of the basic layouts of as many websites as I still have. Back from my first aol-hosted page 8 years ago where I remember yahooing “how to make an image a clickable link” all the way to my most recent creations. I’d like to keep up with this project, so later, years down the road, I can look at my old creative projects =o)

The old content page will have a giant list (probably) on a single page of old news postings, writings, reviews, pretty much anything I wrote a looong time ago, i’ll put it in html form and dump it there. Not only is it a way to bring back the past, but it’s also a time capsule to preserve it for the future. I’ll have links on the top of the page for key events in time, and when clicked, they scroll down to the right posting.

The final idea I have is a timeline. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to do this, but I’d like to make a giant (vertical) timeline of my life and put key events in. It’d be cool if I could make it in a way that I could keep adding to it every few months. Start with birth, first computer, riding a bike, first built circuit (a radio, I made from a kit, in 2nd grade), then first website, first built computer, track team, misia, and all that good stuff….

I dont intend for anyone to read these pages and get much enjoyment out of them ^_^; It’s mainly for me. I love bringing back these old thoughts and positive memories, and want to keep them to hold for my future. Who knows, maybe your comments about this post will last for as long as I live?

note: image on the left is Noir, a girl from a really cool anime series I saw about a year and 1/2 ago. I loved that image and used it in over 10 of my website layouts!


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tired, very tired

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video capture works

Woohoo! I’ve acquired a multmedia card from an old junky pc and it has rf, rca, and svideo capture capabilities! I’ll be writing my ’nix tutorials in a whole new way! Now, I can take crisp clean screenshots of a linux CONSOLE to show things step by step =o) Ahh, the possibilities. This also makes it a ton easier than writing everything. See the image on the left? It’s me playing Perfect Dark (yeah, for the N64). So what if I’m behind the times in games, its what I happened to have around my room to take a capture of. The cable lines to my room are horrible quality. This isn’t that great quality, its bad interlacing, bad jpeg compression, and rca is bad to begin with. an S-video console should be really nice to work with!

note: my video capture card is running on my main linux workstation ^_^