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Summary: The author is going to China tomorrow afternoon at 2 PM and has a website with updates about their trip.
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yeah! oh yeah! oh yeah! who rocks? I do, of course. I just got this news script fixed up and bugged out and dang this is lookin’ nice. I used the same format for logging news as the old news database and got this new script to be able to read the old databse. I spent two hours of coding/workarounds to save myself 20 minutes of retyping old posts =op but oh well at least I got it to work. I REALLY need to work on my tagboard script its so stupidly simple, thats what happens when you make things yourself with the intention to improve it “when I have more time”. The reason I’m procrastinating on that tagboard is because, well… to keep all the old tags i’ll have to re post them and then it’s a pain - I want to be able to have the user view all tags of he or she wants to, but only show the top five in the right colmn. (under the links and things) We’ll see what I come up with. As you may not have known (3 weeks late posting this) I’m back in America and things are coo. I’ll have to talk about it when I have a little more time. I just finished building my webserver (I gave that other one to my friend as ’thanks’ for maintaining it while I was in china) but now this server really whipps the llamas’ :D in case you would like to know whats next on my list of wannados i’ll write them for ya

1.) add content to some of the ‘dead’ links on this site

2.) add a tagboard thats constantly on the right column with only 5 posts and a page for archived posts

3.) make use of the 180 gigs on this computer that I am planning to allow websurfers to access.

4.) add new sections with some content - I have lots of it pre-typed I just have to wait until I have some time. Christmas is coming though, that is a good thing.

but before I can do any of THAT I feel I need to do THIS

1.) format my @#$% laptop (with three bad pixles in it now :urgh: ) and dual boot with FreeBSD and Windows2000 so I can use 3dsmax4 and ps7 and dwmx on the only windows os in my room

2.) set up my printer somewhere on the network. DeskJet720 is being a pain to me =op I can’t get it to print in FreeBSD

3.) set up a secure ftp server on my webserver so OTHER people can upload thier own websites

4.) stop making these news postings so darn long

layout layout layout

I changed the layout again but… I’m… not too sure if I like it. I’m actually contemplating remaking my old site the way it was. I’d have to redraw and recode EVERYTHING because all is lost. Oh well this works for now =o,

i love my laptop though

back with style

well I’m back from Boston. Like the layout? I made it on the plane… between princess mononoke and spirited away. Looks spiffy huh? Not quite sure if I’m going to revert to my ‘calling card’ blue and grey… Give me feedback people. Today my friend Steve from Michigan said something worth posting:

steve: man, you need a girl

rts: curious, why do you say that?

steve: too many monitors :D

away for a while

Summary: The author is leaving for Boston for a few days and is unsure if their BSD server will still be running when they return on Tuesday.
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