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First day of Unix

webserver now set up running FreeBSD! woohoo! Learning something new every day aren’t I? ;)

rebuilding life

trying to rebuild a small site, where I can show wallpapers and images and small things. I don’t think I’ll rebuild a big site now. Possibly on my laptop on the way to china…

I have lost everything

Summary: The author has lost all their hard work and progress on their websites due to technical issues, and they are unsure if they will try to recreate them or keep this page as a reminder of their past efforts.
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The Corporation

Summary: Corporations have reduced people to consumers through media manipulation, blurring individuality and creating a homogeneous target audience for their lies.
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Old Weblog

Hi 👋 2003 Scott here! I stumbled upon a forgotten URL on the Wayback Machine that shows some of my earliest surviving marks on the internet. It was scraped on in Aug, 2002 when I was 17.

This website made use of “cutting edge technology” of the day (like transparent iframes) which only worked on Internet Explorer (not Netscape or America Online’s built-in browser). I remember making a big point about this because I wanted to brag to my friends about my “mad website skillz” but some of them thought my site was really bad and I later learned it was because it only worked in Internet Explorer.

I went so far as to include a screenshot of how the webpage should look for users who had a compatible browser. In hindsight I doubt this was aimed at actually helping anyone load the website, but instead it was a subtle way to show off the layout for people who didn’t have (or didn’t know how to launch) Internet Explorer. CSS must have been pretty edgy back then too. DHTML? I hadn’t heard that term in a while!

Squinting at the text in the screenshot reveals a healthy dose of cringe. “…if they can’t run IE 5.5 then they shouldn’t be my friends”, oof. Multiple references to fight club too. Apparently I self-hosted this page, probably using classic ASP and IIS on a Windows 2000 server computer over a home DSL connection. I do remember that day shorting my PC’s power supply rail to the case and the computer not turning on for a while, but eventually it came back on.

The Wayback Machine also caught this “access denied” page with a Holy Grail reference.

What a trip! It’s interesting to think that young peoples’ internet activities are better archived these days, for better or for worse.