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Local AI Chat with C#
How to run an LLM locally to power AI chat and answer questions about documents
February 28, 2024  ai  csharp


Frequency Measurement with Modern AVR Microcontrollers
How to use the AVR64DD32's asynchronous counter to measure frequencies beyond 100 MHz
August 31, 2023  circuit  microcontroller
Play Audio from SPI Flash with a Microcontroller
How to use a microcontroller to drive a speaker using PWM from audio levels stored in a SPI flash chip
August 26, 2023  circuit  microcontroller
Program SPI Flash with a FT232H
How to use a FT232H breakout board to read/write flash memory
August 24, 2023  circuit  microcontroller
Hack an Atmel ICE to Deliver Power
How I broke out VCC and programming lines so my Atmel ICE can power devices and program them without requiring the programming cable
August 22, 2023  circuit  microcontroller
Speaking Numbers with a Microcontroller
How to encode WAV files into C code that can be replayed from memory
August 19, 2023  circuit  microcontroller
Summarizing Blog Posts with AI
How I used Python to run the Llama 2 large language model locally and convert my rambling childhood blog posts into concise summaries
July 31, 2023  python  ai
Using Llama 2 to Answer Questions About Local Documents
How to use open source large language models to ingest information from local files and generate AI responses to questions about their content
July 30, 2023  python  ai
Run Llama 2 Locally with Python
How to run open source large language models locally to provide AI chat responses to text prompts
July 29, 2023  python  ai
Static Site Broken Link Detection
How to check for broken links and images across large static websites
May 13, 2023  python  hugo
Treemapping with C#
How to create a treemap diagram using C#
March 28, 2023  csharp  graphics
.NET Source Code Analysis
How to analyze source code metrics of .NET assemblies from a console application
March 5, 2023  csharp


Divide 10 MHz to 1PPS with a Microcontroller
How to use a microcontroller to inexpensively scale down a 10 MHz reference clock into a one pulse per second (1pps) signal
December 17, 2022  circuit  microcontroller
Programming Modern AVR Microcontrollers
How to program modern AVR chips using Atmel ICE, MPLAB Snap, or Serial Port UPDI programmers
December 9, 2022  circuit  microcontroller
Interfacing HX710 Differential ADC with Arduino
How to read differential voltage from a HX710 ADC using Arduino
November 15, 2022  circuit  microcontroller
Creating Bitmaps from Scratch in C#
How to create a bitmap and set pixel colors in memory and save the result to disk or convert it to a traditional image format
November 7, 2022  csharp  graphics
Experiments in PSK-31 Synthesis
How to encode and decode PSK-31 messages using C#
October 16, 2022  amateur radio  csharp
Resample Time Series Data using Cubic Spline Interpolation
This page describes how I achieve signal resampling with spline interpolation in pure C# without any external dependencies.
June 23, 2022  csharp  graphics
Show A Progress Bar as your Blazor App Loads
How to add a progress bar to your client-side Blazor WebAssembly app to indicate page load progress.
May 29, 2022  blazor  csharp
Use Maui.Graphics to Draw 2D Graphics in Any .NET Application
How to use Microsoft.Maui.Graphics to draw graphics in a .NET console application and save the output as an image file using SkiaSharp
May 25, 2022  csharp  graphics  maui
Using DataFrames in C#
How to use the DataFrame class from the Microsoft.Data.Analysis package to interact with tabular data
May 1, 2022  csharp
FTP Deploy with GitHub Actions
Deploy content over FTP using GitHub Actions and no dependencies
April 24, 2022  GitHub
GitHub Repository Badge
What I learned creating a github repo stats badge using HTML and Vanilla JS
April 12, 2022  JavaScript  GitHub
Mystify your Mind with SkiaSharp
My implementation of the classic screensaver using SkiaSharp, OpenGL, and FFMpeg
April 4, 2022  csharp  graphics
Build and Deploy a Hugo Site with GitHub Actions
How I use GitHub Actions to build a static website with Hugo and deploy it using rsync without requiring any third-party dependencies
March 20, 2022  github  hugo
Determine GitHub Action Runner IP
A simple way to get the IP of the server running your GitHub Actions
March 12, 2022  github
Generic Math in C# with .NET 6
How to perform math on generic types in C# with .NET 6
February 3, 2022  csharp
Point Inside Rectangle
How to determine if a point is inside a rotated rectangle with C#
February 1, 2022  csharp  graphics
Spline Interpolation with C#
How to smooth X/Y data using spline interpolation in Csharp
January 22, 2022  csharp


NDepend Status Badges
How I used C# and Maui.Graphics to generate status badges for NDepend static analysis metrics
October 17, 2021  csharp  maui
Status Badges with Maui.Graphics
How to use Microsoft.Maui.Graphics to render status badges
October 16, 2021  csharp  maui  graphics
MeasureString() with Maui.Graphics
How to measure the pixel dimensions of a string using Microsoft.Maui.Graphics
October 16, 2021  csharp  maui  graphics
My Life with a Spiny Leaf Insect
Photographs of the life cycle of a spiny leaf insect raised as a pet
October 12, 2021
Rename Image Files by Capture Date with C#
How to rename a folder of JPEGs by the creation date stored in their metadata
October 12, 2021  csharp
Managing Secrets in .NET Console Apps
How to use dotnet user-secrets to store and retrieve secrets and set environment variables in .NET applications.
October 9, 2021  csharp
Drawing with Maui.Graphics
How to use Maui.Graphics to draw and create animations in a Windows Forms and WPF applications
September 10, 2021  csharp  maui  graphics
Draw with Maui.Graphics and Skia in a C# Console Application
This page describes how to draw graphics in a console application with Maui Graphics and Skia
August 1, 2021  csharp  maui
C# Microphone Level Monitor
How to continuously monitor the level of an audio input (mono or stereo) with C#
July 3, 2021  csharp
Working with 16-bit Images in CSharp
A summary of how I work with 16-bit TIF file data in C# (using ImageMagick and LibTiff).
June 8, 2021  csharp
Representing Images in Memory
quick reference for programmers interested in working with image data in memory (byte arrays)
June 3, 2021  csharp
Deploy a Website with Python and FTPS
How to use Python, keyring, and TLS to securely deploy website content using FTP (FTPS)
May 16, 2021  python
Managing Credentials with Python
How to safely work with secret passwords in python scripts that are committed to source control
May 15, 2021  python
WSPR Code Generator
An online resource for generating encoded WSPR messages
March 27, 2021  blazor  amateur radio  qrss
Reflection and XML Documentation in C#
How to access XML documentation from within a C# application
January 31, 2021  csharp
Get URL of a Directory with PHP
This page describes how to determine the URL for a given folder using PHP
January 28, 2021  php
LJP Theory and Correction
What causes Liquid Junction Potential (LJP) and how to correct for it in patch-clamp experiments
January 13, 2021  science


Signal Filtering in Python
How to apply low-pass, high-pass, and band-pass filters with Python
September 23, 2020  python