Resources for visualizing data using C# and the .NET platform
Investigating charting controls provided by Infragistics

Infragistics has charting tools for a variety of platforms including Windows Forms and WPF. They seem to actively develop a wide variety of controls for many frameworks (including web platforms), and that diffusion of effort leaves them with a charting library that is interesting and looks nice, but isn’t really the type of thing I’d want to integrate into a scientific desktop application.


According to their pricing page in 2022 they have two plans that include WPF and WinForms controls. The only difference is that the “ultimate” plan contains “Indigo.Design” which according to their getting started guide seems to be a tool to generate tests and Angular code from Sketch and Adobe XD files.

  • Professional: $1,295 / year per developer
  • Ultimate: $1,495 / year per developer

It looks like platform controls can be purchased individually:

  • Windows Forms: $995 / year per developer
  • WPF: $995 / year per developer


Infragistics has a Windows Forms Reference Application you can use to check out their controls. It’s huge (351 MB) and contains a ZIP of a MSI you must install before you can use. When it launches it tries to get you to review a modern-UI sample application, and you have to drill down into their legacy demo to access details about their charting control.

I didn’t find any of these charts to be particularly performant or interactive, so after a quick flip through these examples I was happy to put this project down and move on. I’m sure it’s great for data grids and UI-focused application development, but as a scientist trying to graph data that’s just not what I’m looking for.


The charting demos work, but they’re not particularly interactive, and clearly not the primary focus of this development team. This seems to be a miscellaneous control product, not really one that focuses specifically on charting.