Resources for visualizing data using C# and the .NET platform
Using Telerik’s chart control to display data in .NET applications

Telerik sells a suite of UI components which includes ChartView, a control for data visualization. Information on WPF ChartView and WinForms ChartView is found on separate pages. It appears this control was built for easy theming and supports animations for simple data, but I suspect performance or support for large datasets was not a primary design goal.


According to the WPF and WinForms pricing pages in 2022:

  • $999 / year per developer for WPF controls
  • $999 / year per developer for Windows Forms controls


The Telerik UI for WPF has a demo you have to download and install. I chose to take a look at the WPF control because the screenshots of the Windows Forms control didn’t look very chart-rich.

The ChartView control has several example uses. In all cases the plots are “pretty”, but look like they’re designed more for simple appearance and theming support rather than performance. I don’t think this charting library is suitable for high-performance scientific charting, though I did find the demo to be very insightful and a good way to inspect all the controls provided with this package.

Default Interactivity

  • left-click-drag: zoom region (or pan)
  • scroll-wheel: zoom