Electrophysiology Crash Course
An introduction to basic concepts required to perform and evaluate whole-cell patch clamp experiments
  • Getting Started - How to use this guide
  • Introduction - Thinking about neurons as electrically excitable membranes
  • Passive Properties - Electrical features of a cell membrane that do not require channels to actively open or close
  • Ohm’s Law - How Membrane Properties Influence Synaptic Currents
  • Action Potentials - Electrophysiology of neuron firing
  • VC and IC Modes - Voltage-clamp and current-clamp whole-cell recording configurations
  • Synaptic Currents - Electrical changes in a cell resulting from neurotransmitter released by another cell
  • How to Patch Clamp Neurons - Steps for establishing whole-cell patch-clamp configuration with neurons in brain slices