Laboratory Gear
Personal notes about hardware and software which may be laboratory-specific
  • 2P Operation Notes - Notes about two-photon startup, shutdown, acquisition, and maintenance
  • 2P Stage Control - Python scripts to automate two-photon stage positioning, image acquisition, and montage assembly using ImageJ and TrackEM
  • Aligning the Mira Laser - Notes related to power and alignment of a Coherent Mira Optima 900-F
  • DIC Alignment Cheat-Sheet - How to align DIC optics for a fixed-stage Olympus BX-51WI microscope
  • NT-RTSI Setup - National Instruments Real-Time System Integration System Setup
  • Pipette Puller - How to make whole-cell patch-clamp pipettes using the P97 Flaming/Brown pipette puller
  • Preamp Blade Setup - How to configure and switch between different preamplifier blades
  • Two-Photon Laser Uncaging - How to setup, calibrate, and run mixed ephys/imaging/uncaging experiments
  • Two-Photon Linescans - How to acquire fast imaging data using two-photon linescans