Preamp Blade Setup
How to configure and switch between different preamplifier blades

A preamplifier blade is a circuit board that amplifies voltage from PMTs and provides a low impedance signal suitable to send through a long cable run to the GPIO box.

  • Old blades (white BNC connectors) work better for galvo/galvo imaging (brighter)

  • New blades (black BNC connectors) work better for galvo/resonant imaging (brighter and less streaking)

Changing Blades (Hardware)

  • Unscrew all nuts around BNC connectors
  • Unscrew the front panel of the enclosure and remove it
  • Slide out the blade you wish to remove
  • Metal shields slide in slots between blades

Changing blades (Software)

The old blades require legacy mode to be enabled but new blades do not. To enable or disable legacy mode:

  • Ensure PrairieView is closed
  • Open C:\Program Files\Prairie\Prairie View\PrairieConfigUtility.exe
  • Select the Channels/PMTs/Preamps tab
  • Check or uncheck the Legacy checkbox
  • Click Save
  • Open PrairieView

Changing Preamp Scaling

Decreasing the dynamic range increases the overall brightness of images. Old preamp blades were run with a maximum input voltage of 1.25 V and new blades are run at 0.625 V

  • In PrairieView click Tools and select Scan Settings
  • Select the DAQs/Preamplifier tab
  • Double-right-click the tab to enable editing
  • Set the maximum input voltage as desired