Individual pages for a variety of topics
  • Common Experiments - A summary of the most common whole-cell patch-clamp experiment types
  • Common Pharmacological Agents - Pharmacological agents commonly used in whole-cell patch-clamp experiments
  • Electrically Evoke Synapses - Using an electrical stimulator to evoke synaptic currents
  • Liquid Junction Potential - What Liquid Junction Potential (LJP) is and how it can be corrected for in patch-clamp experiments
  • Optogenetics - Using light-activated ion channels to optically excite specific cell populations
  • Patch Clamp Internal Solutions - Common internal solutions used for whole-cell patch-clamp electrophysiology
  • Patch Configurations - A summary of the most common techniques used to measure the electrical properties of cell membranes
  • Reversal Potential - An introduction to reversal potentials, the Nernst equation, and their effect on synaptic currents
  • Shunting - Synaptic inputs can be attenuated in a process known as current shunting
  • The Membrane Test - A voltage-clamp step can reveal much about a neuron's passive membrane properties