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# What is QRSS?

QRSS is a type of continuous wave (CW) radio signal which uses frequency-shift keying (FSK). QRSS is ultra-narrowband (5Hz bandwidth) and ultra slow speed (about 3 letters per minute). The abbreviation QRSS is [Morse code slang]( for "transmit a lot slower".

### Introduction to QRSS
  * [What is QRSS?]( by m0ayf
  * [QRSS and you]( by ka7oei
  * [QRSS (slow CW)]( by AA6DY

### Technical Pages
  * [Simulation of QRSS Signals]( by pa2ohh

### Other QRSS Software

* Argo ([website]( - closed-source QRSS viewer for Windows
* SpectrumLab ([website]( - closed-source spectrum analyzer for Windows 
* QrssPIG ([gitlab]( - open-source spectrograph for Raspberry Pi (C++)
* Lopora ([website]( - open-source spectrograph (Python 3) 
* QRSS VD ([github]( - open source spectrograph (Python 2)

### QRSS Hardware
This repository is exclusively devoted to software. I run a separate repository dedicated to theory, design, construction, and testing of QRSS transmission and reception hardware: