Liquid Junction Potential Calculator


LJPcalc is a free and open source liquid junction potential (LJP) calculator. LJPcalc is available as a simple click-to-run EXE for Windows and a console application for Linux and MacOS.

Citing LJPcalc

If LJPcalc facilitated your research, consider citing this project by name so it can benefit others too:

"Liquid junction potential was calculated according to the stationary Nernst-Planck equation using LJPcalc┬╣"

[1] Harden, SW and Brogioli, D (2020). LJPcalc v1.0. [Online]. Available:, Accessed on: April. 11, 2020.


LJPcalc was created by Scott W Harden in 2020. LJPcalc began as C# port of JLJP by Doriano Brogioli originally published on SourceForge in 2013. LJPcalc is heavily influenced by Marino et al., 2014. See the theory page for implementation details.