Soup Can MEPT

Warning: This post is several years old and the author has marked it as poor quality (compared to more recent posts). It has been left intact for historical reasons, but but its content (and code) may be inaccurate or poorly written.

This page documents the progress of my MEPT (manned experimental propagation transmitter) endeavors. If you have questions, feel free to E-mail me! My contact information can be found by clicking the link on the right navigation menu.

The Soup-Can Transmitter

The Signal

The Spots

Florida – 288.3 miles away (W4HBK) May 22, 2010

Massachusetts – 1,075.5 miles away (W1BW) May 27, 2010

Belgium – 4,496.3 miles away (ON5EX) May 27, 2010

Germany- 4,869.2 miles away (DL4MGM) May 28, 2010

Essex – 4,356.4 miles away (G6AVK) May 28, 2010

New Zealand – 8,077.6 miles away (ZL2IK) May 29, 2010