QRSS and WSPR Presentation for GARS

Last night I had the honor of speaking for GARS, the Gainesville Amateur Radio Society. Their club call (K4GNV) is used by the 146.820 MHz FM repeater (the most active in Gainesville). There were a few dozen attendees, and it was interesting to give a lecture on advanced radio topics to a body that had a lot of experience with RF. This group was a couple generations older and a lot more experienced and than the groups of students I’m used to speaking for! Overall it went well and I’m glad I had the opportunity to present. It’s probably one of those things I’ll remember for quite some time.qrss_presentation_GARS

The talk was an overview of QRSS, WSPR, and ultra-narrowband data transmission, with a focus on home made transmitters and simple radio/PC/software receiving stations. I did a little more research into WSPR in the process of preparing for it (including familiarizing myself with the details of how the data is encoded into 4 tones) and I am glad I understand more about the mode than I did before I started. I grinned as I showed a few slides of Hans Summers’ kit pictures. I wonder if anyone in the group will buy one? I hope so! Below are a few links I put together where people can go for more information about QRSS and WSPR:

Knights QRSS mailing list (join for daily updates on propagation and experiments)

Knights QRSS Compendium (web page of grabbers)

WSPR home page

A well written introduction to QRSS

Hans Summers’ QRSS kit
(If you get one, let him know I recommended it!)
Schematic for that kit
(far better, but not as simple as my designs)