Welcome to my personal website! I am currently re-arranging the structure of this website so I can do a better job at keeping it up to date and sharing projects I find interesting. Until the new architecture is properly sorted-out, the best way to see what I’ve been up to lately is to check my GitHub page.

-Scott (Jan 19, 2020)

Personal: About Scott, GitHub, YouTube, Blog, Medical Updates

Professional: Harden Technologies, Google Scholar, CV

Featured Software Projects

ScottPlot – a .NET library for creating interactive plots

pyABF – a Python interface to electrophysiology data stored in Axon Binary Format (ABF) files

LJPcalc – Liquid Junction Potential (LJP) Calculator

Spectrogram – a .NET library to create spectrograms from live or recorded audio

C# Data Visualization – A collection code examples demonstrating how to visualize data in C#

Featured Hardware Projects

USB Frequency Counter – a 0 – 40 MHz non-scaling frequency counter

Sound Card ECG – an electrocardiograph circuit and accompanying software to view and measure ECG signals obtained through the sound card


Hundreds of (mostly outdated) posts are available for viewing: