These programs are now hosted on GitHub:

VD Labs is committed to writing open-source, cross-platform software to perform tasks relating to radio, weak signal extraction, QRSS, audio analysis, spectrogram generation, and image manipulation. Because it was written by Scott Harden (AJ4VD) who is a dental student and not an engineer, each of these programs has a slight risk of causing explosion when run.

VD Labs QRSS Stitcherlogo_vdstitcher

VD Labs QRSS Stitcher can look at a folder filled with hundreds of captures (from Argo, Spectran, QRSS VD, or other QRSS grabber software) and assemble individual images into a single, extremely wide, continuous image. If your original captures have scale bars, logos, or even title bars and menus around the image data, this program can help trim it off so your final stitched image contains smooth, continuous data! Check out this [EXAMPLE IMAGE] to see how well it works!
Current version: 1.1 (September, 2010)

Video demonstration:

VD Labs QRSS Stacker

VD Labs QRSS Stacker is designed to assist in the extraction of QRSS signals so weak that they can’t be easily decoded by looking at the captures. This program works by loading a stitched image (created by the QRSS Stitcher) and allowing the user to overlap fragments of the image on top of itself repeatedly. The idea is that by averaging the repeated captures, the random nature of noise causes it to be cancelled-out, and the weak signal becomes readable.
Current version: 1.1 (September, 2010)

Video demonstration:


This high-definition spectrograph software listens to QRSS audio from your radio receiver through your sound card, and generates 2D images with pixel intensity with respect to time and frequency. Although there are other similar programs which can be used for QRSS capture (such as Argo), QRSS VD can capture and save images of several thousand Hz of audio spectrum in real time, whereas most other programs are limited to 100 or 200Hz.